Leopard Frog marries Old World sophistication with New World sensuality to create complex yet well balanced couture Cape wines pleasing to the mind, body and soul.

We handcraft award-winning iconic wines that integrate the structure and sophistication of Old Word cultivars with the sensuality and approachability of New World varietals.

To achieve such arrangements, Leopard Frog combines handfuls of premium varietals grown on family-owned farms in the heart of the historic wine capital of South Africa, Stellenbosch. Grapes have grown on these valleys and slopes for over 300 years, and the ensuing confluence of historic terroir and high-quality cépage bestows upon Leopard Frog wines their unique identity and character, particularly the nuances of fruits, spices and herbs found within every bottle of Leopard Frog wine.

Leopard Frog’s commitment to the ideal integration of terroir and cépage is reflected in the cellar’s award-winning emblem. This emblem was extracted from a cedar wood carving by well-known Coast Salish artist Jody Wilson commissioned for the original winemaker’s private art collection. In First Nations’ culture, the frog often symbolizes the ideal integration of earth and water in nature and serves as a messenger of wealth. Leopard Frog honours this heritage and respect for nature in the wealth of sensations unfolding in every bottle of Leopard Frog wine.


Enjoy the rich and rewarding experiences that Leopard Frog brings to life.