Thombi Lioness Gin

Leopard Frog handcrafts an exceptionally small batch gin portfolio that delivers a bespoke gin experience inspired by botanicals found in the Nambiti Private Game Reserve in the Zulu Kingdom that also enables you to help save endangered wildlife in South Africa.


Thombi was the original lioness of the Nambiti Private Game Reserve, a 23 000 acre conservation area located in the heart of the Zulu Kingdom in the Kwa Zulu Natal Province, South Africa. Holding court over her numerous offspring and other wildlife for over 15 years, Thombi was a beautiful and much-loved lioness affectionately known as the ‘Queen of the Nambiti’.

Honouring her legacy, the Thombi Lioness Gin Collection is an exceptionally small batch gin portfolio that delivers a unique experience among premium gin offerings.

Much like the finest wines in the world, each Thombi Lioness Gin is a terroir-driven offering infused with a secret recipe of different flavours of natural botanicals inspired by the biodiversity of the Nambiti Private Game Reserve. Handcrafted in a copper still in our award-winning distillery by our award-winning master distiller, each offering has a distinct taste profile that proudly reflects the complex and rich biodiversity of Nambiti.


A portion of the sale of each bottle goes towards the preservation and protection of endangered wildlife in Nambiti, including lions, rhinos and elephants, among others.

The Nambiti Private Game Reserve is a 23,000 acre conservation area that features the ‘Big 5’ of Sub-Saharan Africa wildlife (lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo) as well as a diverse ecosystem of over 40 other animals including cheetah, giraffe, hippo, hyena, zebra). It is a bird paradise full of flora, fauna, rivers, grasslands, riverine bush, thornveld, acacia trees and savannah that, along with members of the indigenous community, make it a truly magical place.

Nambiti is a leader in the protection and conservation of endangered wildlife in South Africa. Programs include the protection of rhinoceros, elephants and lions, among other species. It includes anti-poaching and education programs.