Leopard Frog handcrafts a few barrels of a different wine each year. Our grapes are hand-selected, hand-harvested and handcrafted to ensure that the ensuing confluence of historic terroir and high quality cépage delivers exceptional wines in exceptionally limited quantities.

Limited Release Wines

Our Limited Release wines are unique wines that celebrate the uniqueness of life. They represent unusual combinations of cultivars. They represent single varietals matured in unusual ways using techniques that honour the oldest and finest traditions of the winemaking guild. Each of our award-winning Limited Release wines is full of life. Their vibrant personalities and distinct character afford you unique and unusual wine experiences sure to touch your mind, body and soul in many different ways.

We typically make only a handful of barrels of one vintage of our Limited Release wines. However, we made a few vintages of three early releases because we enjoyed them so much.

Private Release Wines

Our Private Release wines are single varietal offerings matured in barrels and bottles for exceptionally long lengths of time rarely seen in today’s fast-paced wine world. This patient craftsmanship produces wines with unparalleled complexity and smoothness due to the prolonged courtship between the tannins and oak within each barrel of wine.

Each of our award-winning Private Release wines features a label with a different painting by renown South African artists drawn from the winemaker’s private art collection. These iconic images pay homage to the importance of family and friends. They celebrate the living of a meaningful life.

We make only a small handful of barrels of a Private Release wine as a once-off offering. They are reserved principally for the winemaker, his family and friends. A limited number of these exceptional wines are released on a highly allocated basis.

Enjoy the wonderful world of Leopard Frog wines.