Leopard Frog is hard to find. Our wines, chocolates, cigars and bespoke goods are generally released to a select handful of clients on our mailing list or allocated to discerning restaurants, wine stores and wine enthusiasts who appreciate the unique lifestyle experiences offered by our unique goods.


We would love to hear from you about your experiences with our wines and bespoke goods and welcome any comments, suggestions or inquiries that might help us continue to deliver on our commitment to provide you with unique and unusual lifestyle experiences.

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Restaurants and Wine Stores

Our wines are only found on the wine lists of a select handful of reputable restaurants and on the shelves of a select handful of reputable wine stores. Often our wines may be found in a small quantity in the cellar of reputable restaurants but not on the general wine list. Please ask for our wines if you do not see them on your wine list. If you cannot find any of our wines in a reputable restaurant or wine store near you or wish to carry any of our wines in your restaurant or wine store, please contact our agent for your area.


If you do not see any agent for your area or would like to be our agent for an area not represented by a current agent, please contact us.


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