Singularity is a totally handmade (totalmente a mano) super premium cigar that delivers a classic Corojo smoke experience.


Brand: Leopard Frog
Frontmark: Singularity
Vitola: Churchill
Length (inches): 7
Ring Gauge: 50
Wrapper: Aged Nicaragua Corojo
Cuban-seed aged long leaf tobacco cultivated, harvested and fermented by hand in the tobacco fields of the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua.
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Blend of long-filler Cuban-seed Viso leaf tobacco from the Jalapa Valley of Nicaragua and long-filler Cuban-seed Ligero leaf tobacco from Ecuador
Style: Medium bodied



Medium brown patina invites immediate interest in this smoke.


Alluring aromas of roasted coffee beans and scents of cedar seduce your senses and foreshadow the pleasures to come from smoking this cigar.


A sensational three act cigar. The opening third of the draw delivers initial notes of cashews and walnuts after toast. The middle draw teases out notes of cinnamon and cloves buttressed by elements of earth, wood and spice. The closing draw continues with this balance of spice and wood with subtle undertones of chocolate in a smooth, even burn. A rich and rewarding cigar.


A cigar is more than a smoke, it is an experience. From the first moment that the tobacco is picked from the fields to the blending of the binder, filler and wrapper to the final moment when you enjoy the balanced yet complex flavours of this arrangement, this cigar delivers an experience that enriches and enhances your life. It is a worthy companion for celebrations with family, dinners and drinks with friends or a just stolen moment of solitude with yourself.